The most cute and menacing being of all-time...


Woxy (formally known as woxanne) is VaiaSilver's older sister.


Woxy has a defect which stunted her growth. She stopped growing at 3 feet (91.44 cm) tall. She has natural pink hair, which is a very rare pigmentation in the Dumbass Realm. Woxanne has green eyes and always wears the same clothes(unless she's working): Pink crop-top, pink short shorts, pink vans, pink socks, (sometimes) pink sunglasses, pink heart earrings, and a pink bow. While working she has a pink apron on over a hoodie, with pink sweatpants, pink vans, pink heart earrings, pink socks, and a pink watch.


Woxy works at Woxybucks, which is a Café. She can barely reach over the counter because of her height but she tries her best, and is so cute she can't get fired. She is also the bouncer/moderator of the shop.


Woxy is a fearsome warrior when it comes to battling. She uses a custom sledgehammer she's named "Whammy". Engraved on the side of Whammy is her name. While she is angry her strength increases over 500%, allowing her to easily pick up the hammer and use it to destroy her enemies.


Woxy's vehicle is a pink tricycle that is ordinary, but Woxy is so good at pedaling and steering that she can safely drive up to 80 miles per hour in it. She drifts exceptionally well and can even perform various tricks.


Customers at Woxybucks are so mesmerized by Woxy's cuteness that they always spend more money than they need to. Woxy is so cute because she always tries her best, is so happy, hugs all the pets people bring in, is so tiny and adorable, and is super cuddly.