Silverysoul_ (now VaiaSilvers), commonly referred to as Pops, is the God of Judgement. She has sent many signs of her existence to Earth such as dragons & leprechauns. Asdcrawl, the overlord of the Dumbass realm, recruited her as a moderator for his Twitch stream. She gladly accepted. Commonly referred to as: Roxy, Pops, Pop-Rox. She has revealed she lives in Los Angeles, California. She is living among humans as the god of judgement.

Early Life / Childhood

Silverysoul_'s parents told her that grammar and spelling is vital to life. She was taught to never let anyone make a mistake dealing with grammar or spelling. She now torments the Earth with her endless corrections. Not much has been revealed about her, her child hood, her last name, or much of anything else. In Asdcrawl's Lost Diary he reveals she assisted with his Twitch whereabouts. At this time in her life, she was also exposed to intriguing sounds. This played a role in her sound obsession.

Post Childhood

Pops is one of the most mysterious beings in the universe. She only tells those she trusts with her life her secrets. Anyone to ever witness her secret life have died within 13 days of seeing her. She makes sure no information is getting out about her. This makes it especially hard to write this wiki. Sometime in early Summer of 2018, she stumbled upon the Asdcrawl Twitch channel.

Sound Obsession

She is obsessed with almost all sounds. She has revealed that she despises industrial and car noises.

Affiliation with Tractors

Pops is rumored to be a part of the Tractor ground army. Many have spotted her as a pink-camouflage Tractor with a pink bow. According to many witnesses she has fought many battles in the Tractor-Lawnmower war. She seems to have headed multiple armies of Tractors.

Name Change

She changed her name to VaiaSilver in August 2018.