Tractors and Lawnmowers have been at war for hundreds of years. Tractors support the dumbass realm, while Lawnmowers are evil beings from Earth.


In the Dumbass realm, the more you sleep, the less grammar mistakes are made. This is vital to protecting Falloons. Lawnmowers have been waking many up early and causing many grammar mistakes, dwindling the Falloon population. This is the main cause of the war. Lawnmowers have been sneaking in through various portals and warps to the human world.


Tractors are the population of the Dumbass realm army, navy, and airforce. Tractors in the army come with two miniguns, and turbo boost, and the ability to camouflage and move quietly. Those in the navy are built for swimming, diving, can use echolocation, and can reach speed of up to 300MPH underwater. Those in the airforce can fly, and come with two wings, each wing being 45ft long. This gives them virtually no stealth, but allows them to stay afloat for hours at a time without running their engine. They have radar, satellite imaging, and tacos.