The Remaining Five Edit

The Remaining Five is a nickname given to the last five Falloons. Many scientists believe these Falloons share something in common with one another, or have another secret power which allows them to become more powerful than an average Falloon.

Haru Edit

Haru is one of The Remaining Five. He resides with Asdcrawl, and many scientists have wished to do testing on him, but Asdcrawl refuses. NASA kept Haru for a short period of time, and was unsuccessful in any of their testing attempts.


Shadow Edit

Shadow is the nickname given to the second sighted out of the five remaining Falloons. Shadow was seen scavenging for supplies in a valley. As soon as he/she was sighted, they fled the scene quickly, only being able to be seen for mere seconds. Many have tried to hunt down Shadow, but non have prevailed in their endeavors.

Other Sitings Edit

Many claim to have seen a Falloon. A popular nickname given to a supposed third sited Falloon is Rey. Many have claimed to have seen Rey, but all witness accounts have not added up.