The Marshmallow Trumpet Tribe was formed in 1300. The original founders are unknown, as they kept no record of their existence at the time. The earliest records we have from the MTT are in a Viking scripture dating back to the mid 1300's.


The history of the rulers is very grey. We know most of the reigning times but not the names of them:

Date of Ruling: 1300-1365 1365 - 1478 1478-
Name of Ruler: ??? Jimmy Falloon Asdcrawl

Influence in the Dumbass Realm

The MTT has taken over the Dumbass Realm almost entirely, and they are simply called the civilization of the Dumbass Realm. This is why although Asdcrawl is only the ruler of the MTT, he is considered the overlord of the Dumbass Realm.