A white fox that dominates its environment with stealth and intelligence.


Snow Foxes reside in the arctic parts of the Dumbass Realm. They travel in groups to keep warm, and live in caves.


Snow Foxes primarily feast on Snow Ducks. These are small ducks which resemble falloons, but cannot float, and are white. They use their light steps and agility to surprise and kill them. Males venture out to hunt, while females stay back to protect the cubs.


Snow Foxes have white fur to blend into the snow. They have blue eyes, although very rarely, some are spotted with green eyes. The tips of their ears are grey, which allow them to crouch down into piles of rocks without being noticed.


There are an estimated 100,000 - 300,000 Snow Foxes in the Dumbass Realm.


The primary predator of the foxes are Snow Pumas.

Behavior Towards Humans

Snow Foxes are often scared of humans. They tend to run away when sited by one, but occasionally become friendly and are sometimes domesticated.

Life Span

Snow Foxes are known to live 5 - 11 years. If given enough Dumbass Ore, they can be turned immortal. They can only be turned immortal if given Dumbass Ore from the lord of the Dumbass Realm themselves.


There are currently 15 domesticated Snow Foxes. None of them are immortal, and they all have common blue eyes. Asdcrawl, leader of the Dumbass Realm, was able to domesticate a 6-year-old Snow Fox named Carbuncle. He then later made it immortal with Dumbass Ore. This caused some panic, as many believed Carbuncle would kill Haru. The panic was calmed after Carbuncle and Haru were seen cuddling through a window.


Bone Fox

Bone Foxes are a variant of Snow Fox. They exist in THE BONE ZONE . They are Snow Foxes that have died but been resurrected.