ShyBryGuy is a necromancer in the Dumbass Realm.


No one knows why he has lived on to such an old age. Since the oldest things to ever exist usually live on because of worshipping azazelbot, many people expected him to die sooner than he was expected to. Since he has lived to the age of 588 years old, many have begun to speculate the existence of a different god. One who opposes azazelbot.


ShyBryGuy is a necromancer in the Dumbass Realm. He assists Asdcrawl in holding off the Dumbass Realm from invaders. Tractors are the offensive army, Bry provides the main defensive unit.


Bry summons the souls of dead creatures. These souls from the dead creatures are then applied to their skeletons. This gives their skeletons life, and the skeletons fight for Bry. This gives him immense power and lots of units. It's not known how he's capable of doing this.

Living Locations

ShyBryGuy lives in THE BONE ZONE of the Dumbass Realm. It is a biome in which there are lots of skeletons. Any invader who steps foot in the biome is executed. Their skeleton is then used to fight for Bry.