Madfalloons are a type of Falloons that have been banished from the Falloon tribes. They are not counted in Falloon populations as they have been banished from their living quarters.

Reason for Banishing

Falloons can only be banished from their tribes for two reasons:

1.Promoting Lawnmowers / Hating Tractors

2.Trying to sabotage or kill other Falloons.


No one gives Madfalloons any spotlight, so their population is un-known. They live in an un-known region of the Dumbass Realm. They live long lives, because they feed on grammar mistakes. Their max life span is 300 years.


After being banished from the Falloon Tribes, they lose the ability to float. This leaves them to only be able to fly, and walk. Their inability to float, means they cannot lengthen their life by floating like Falloons. The national symbol for MadFalloons is >:3 .