Ice Reeds are a type of reed in the Dumbass Realm. They grow primarily in the dark lakes and rivers. They are the primary food for Falloons.


Ice Reeds are farmed by many in the Dumbass Realm. They take very little care, and are very easy to package and grind up. Many farms are centered around an artificial lake.


Ice Reeds can be combined with Dumbass Ore to attempt to tame a Falloon. They can be ground up to create bread, various baked goods, and other foods. Ice reeds can also be crushed up and rolled into a cigarette, and be used for smoking. The unique chemicals inside the reed that make it taste so good are also found in trace amounts in the smoke, making it highly addictive and releasing lots of dopamine in our brains. Many call this "reed" or "smoking reed".


They are very common. They grow quickly and are easily spotted out in lakes and rivers.