Region Edit

A Fire Land is a region of the Dumbass Realm.

Unique Properties Edit

Fire Lands are blazing with heat. They have lava lakes and rivers, and all trees in the region are dead. The only creatures that can enter the region outside of winter time are Dumbass Dragons. Their dry scales absorb heat and use it as fuel to help create flames. This makes Dumbass Dragons more powerful in this region, but they cannot stay in it for long, as they become exhausted quickly.


Creatures Edit

No known creatures that live in this region.

Seasons and Weather Edit

Seasons in the Fire Lands are quite stagnant. From February through November, it is too hot for any creature other than Dumbass Dragons to enter. January and February

provide different weather patterns. Many of the lava lakes and rivers dry up, and heat in the region is significantly lowered. Most creatures can pass through this region during these months, and this attribute of the region is used in many creatures' migrational patterns. Since the region is so warm, many animals with little or no fur or feathers will stop in this area to sleep.

Resources Edit

Fire Lands are very hard to observe, so as of this time, there are no known resources unique to this region, but it does have an excess of obsidian, as lava slowly cools after escaping lakes and rivers through small cracks in the ground.

Plant Life and Bioshelters Edit

Many plants find pockets of air with nutrients and liquid water under the surface called bioshelters. These bioshelters allow plants to grow to a decent size, and many plants can grow under ground, although once carbon dioxide runs out in the shelter, the plant dies. These shelters are created when obsidian forms over a small crater in the ground. Over time, the obsidian keeping soil and ashes from falling onto the shelter weakens, and plants slowly grow through the cracks of the obsidian. Once the plan life reaches the surface, it immediately starts burning. The blaze burns up the plant and all of the rest in its bioshelter.