Fire Clouds are clouds of the Dumbass Realm. They float above the land, and unlike regular clouds, produce light. They are absent at night.


The thick atmosphere of the Dumbass Realm catches fire essence from the Sun's rays. These essences float down to the realm, and slowly congregate into groups. They then form clouds. Since the sun disappears during night time, these clouds disappear, leaving the night sky to make the Dumbass Realm even darker than before.


Fire Clouds are the primary food source of Dumbass Dragons. The essence allows the dragons to produce fire. They are also used by dragons to blend in.


Dumbass Dragons are the only creature known to exist to be able to resist burning from these clouds. Anything that comes into contact with these clouds burns instantly.


As the Sun goes down, fire essence stops burning, and they turn into water. It rains until all of the fire essence has been converted into water and have all fallen. This occurs every night in the Dumbass Realm.