Falloons are an endangered species of duck which existed only in or near dark lakes in the Dumbass realm. Somehow they gained the ability to float, which was a huge advantage to them. There is not much known about them, and their existence was first discovered over 3,000 years ago.

Floating Ability

How they float is unknown, but their ability to float was revealed by Pops.

Life Span

Recent theories suggest that the more time Falloons spend floating, the more they live. Floating takes massive amounts of energy. This means that only the strongest Falloons exist for long amount of times. The average life span of a Falloon is 23.8 years. The longest living Falloon ever recorded lived from 95 B.C to 1985. It lived to be 2,080 years old. Towards the end of its life, it became so weak that it lost the ability to float. This resulted in its death. Many have speculated that the reason this Falloon lived for so long is that it was blessed by a god worshipped in the Dumbass Realm. This god has been nicknamed azazelbot. The only immortal Falloon known, is kept by Asdcrawl , it was made immortal in the caves of the dumbass realm.


A flock of Falloons in a dark lake.


In an ancient scripture dating back to almost 2,000 years ago, the population of Falloons was at around 300,000,000. Since then, the population has declined drastically. There is estimated to be less than 5 Falloons remaining. The growth of tanning salons are harming the Falloon population. Their natural predator, grammar mistakes, are very common in the Dumbass realm. The remaining Falloons are trying to repopulate but are dying to more and more grammar mistakes. They have also been dying as a cause of the great Lawnmower-Tractor war. The population decreased drastically between 1,000 and 250 years ago, because this is when the major battles of the war happened. The international symbol for Falloons is: :3

Years 2,000 Y/A 1,000 Y/A 750 Y/A 250 Y/A 100 Y/A 50 Y/A 25 Y/A Now
Population: 300,000,000 150,000,000 1,000,000 50,000 10,000 100 50 5

Remaining Falloons

There are an estimated 5 remaining Falloons. We have seen two of them, but the rest have not been seen. Witness accounts and natural patterns have suggested that 5 Falloons exist. This is just an estimate though, the number can be as great as 10 Falloons. Out of the two that have been spotted, one was been captured and is being kept at NASA's Dumbass Realm Laboratory. In late July, 2018 it was purchased by Asdcrawl for $1.5B.

Banished Falloons (Not a Variant)

Banished Falloons, are called Madfalloons. More information can be learned about them here.


Mating season for Falloons is in the summer. (May-August) They produce eggs and the eggs require heavy care. After the egg has been layed, it takes 1.5 years to hatch it, but can be sped up with hugs. During incubation, the egg grows over 3x its original size.


The color of a Falloon's feathers relies on two factors. The first factor is the stage of the Falloon's life. At the beginning of a Falloon's life, they are completely yellow. The later into their life, the more they turn grey and green. At the end of a Falloon's life, it is very dark grey and yellow. The second factor of their feather color is floating. While floating, the feathers of a Falloon can look up to 50% lighter. This is due to the anatomy of a Falloon. A chemical released in the body usually goes to the head and is then distributed to the feathers. While floating, the chemical goes towards the bottom of the Falloon, which actually makes their feet darker than their feathers when they're floating.

Fun Fact: Falloons are the national animal for the Dumbass Realm. On the flag of the Dumbass Realm they show a Falloon, with feathers indicating they are towards the end of their life.


In Dark lakes, Ice Reeds are very common, these are reeds with high protein and nutritional value. They are very cold and can only be eaten raw by Falloons. They are used in many foods in the Dumbass Realm such as bread, rice, etc. Falloons also find this very tasty. Falloons stay in groups called "Floats". The Float will send out a group of Falloons that will seek out Ice Reeds. The reeds are laid out in rows, after they dry, the Falloons split them half and take them back in the water. This brings out various diseases that could be in the reed from coming into contact with other water creatures such as cjbturtles.


In the past, only a few individuals have domesticated Falloons. A common technique used among these people is to take Ice Reeds and prepare them in a way that makes them especially appetizing to Falloons. It is very costly though, as you have to sprinkle Dumbass Ore on the Ice Reeds. It is not a guarantee that Falloons will stay with the individual who attempts to tame them. Asdcrawl bought a Falloon from NASA in late July 2018, and tamed it the same day. It is named Haru.


Falloons are not eaten by many creatures. It has been confirmed that they are the secondary food source of Dumbass Dragons.


Bone Falloon

Bone Falloons exist in THE BONE ZONE. They are not counted in the Falloon population, as they have already died.