There are a few warps to the Dumbass Realm throughout the world, but no one knows where it is. Many think it is a faraway planet, but there are many rumors that it is a hidden planet inside the solar system, but it reflects such little light than it is hard to detect. The only way of detecting it would be gravity, and it might be too far.


Many creatures exist in the dumbass realm:

Falloons, Madfalloons, Tractors, Cjbturtles, Dragons, and Vikings. There have been speculations that there are Leprechauns.

Natural Resources

The Dumbass realm is rich in Dumbass Ore and has small amounts of Kinetic Shards.


Terrain in the dumbass realm consists of lots of mountains and valleys. There are 4 seas, all surrounding the land, which all have dark water. There is one main river than splits the Realm in half called the Dumbass Stream. There are many warps and portals scattered around the land leading to Earth.


The flag of the Dumbass Realm, has two vertical stripes on either side of the flag. They are dark purple. In the center of the flag, it is white, there is a grey-green Falloon.