Dumbass peaches are very sweet peaches from the Dumbass Realm. They cannot be eaten by many animals, as the sweetness overwhelms them, but they are eaten by inhabitants of the Dumbass Realm, and Dumbass Bears.


Dumbass peaches are a very vibrant pink color. This gives them a dangerous look in the wild, and they are dangerous to many creatures in the dumbass realm.

Taste and Usage

Dumbass peaches are noted to taste very sweet, almost artificially sweet. As a result, they are popularly crushed down into the base ingredient to make many candies and sweets in the Dumbass Realm.


Dumbass peaches are located in many Dumbass Forests, but thrive in warm environments. They have also been one of the most popular fruits to farm in the Dumbass Realm. (Grow year-round)


Dumbass peaches are very unique as they have an ability known in the dumbass realm as aqua-dissolvent. This means that they slowly dissolve into water, or in contact with water. Since this is true, when it rains in the Dumbass Realm, the rain water can become sweet in Dumbass peach-concentrated areas. This has led to many forests having sweet lakes, and many companies in the Dumbass Realm manufacture Dumbass Peach Juice.