Discovery of Dumbass Ore dates back to 1390 this is when the "Dumbass Age" is considered to have started.


Industrial Usage

Dumbass Ore is used in many tools, and weapons. All weapons in the Ancient Falloon Brawl were cast out of Dumbass Ore. They were also used in various Katanas and blades to make sparring easier for many people.

Cosmetic Usage

Dumbass Ore is used in lots of jewelry, and in some cases, the wealthiest people in the Dumbass Realm can purchase some to be threaded into their clothing.

Other Uses

Dumbass Ore can be used, along with Ice Reeds, to attempt to tame a Falloon


Dumbass Ore is the most valuable ore in the entire universe. It is only found in the Dumbass Realm. In the Dumbass Realm, you must enter the Dumbass Realm Caves to obtain it, which is very dangerous. If exposed to grammar mistakes for a long period of time, the quality of Dumbass Ore becomes lower. This is due to impurities forming from erosion from Dumbass Ore. One gram of Dumbass Ore can be sold for $4,500,000,000,000 USD.