Dumbass Dragons are a species of dragon which reside in the Dumbass Realm.


Dumbass Dragons are quite rare, there are about 12-15 dragon sitings per year. They are especially hard to find, as they fly high and blend in with the Fire Clouds.


There are an estimated 10,000 - 50,000 dragons in the Dumbass Realm. This is an estimate, as we have no way of knowing the actual population. Other estimates put the population as high as 500,000.


Dumbass Dragons usually reside on the peak of tall mountains, close to the Fire Clouds. This allows them easy access to the clouds, and a convenient starting point to fly. Since they live so hey, often times they jump down from their dens and glide around.

Unique Abilities

Fire Breathing

Dumbass Dragons are one of the only creatures in the Dumbass Realm to breathe fire. This allows them to be one of the most fierce predators in the realm. Their fire is fueled by fire essence.

Resistance to Heat

Dumbass Dragons are extremely heat resistant due to their dry scales which absorb heat. Once the heat is absorbed it is used to help keep fire essence fresh, and make it more effective. This means they are the only creature that can fly through the Fire Lands, and are extra powerful in hot conditions.


Dumbass Dragons have two primary sources of food. They feed on fire essence that make up Fire Clouds. It is required that they eat enough of this essence, or else they will not be able to produce fire. Their secondary source of food are Falloons. They target floating Falloons, as they are the easiest to capture because of their lack of mobility whilst floating. Since the population of Falloons is so low, it is hard for them to find any.



Dumbass dragons have no saliva to break down their food, their sharp teeth break down the food and they swallow it. Their stomach fluids are hot and burn the food down into nutrients, protein, sugar, etc.



Contact with Residents of the Dumbass Realm

Dragons used to terrorize residents of the Dumbass Realm. This has changed, as they have invented technology for combatting these beasts. Dragons now stay far away from all civilization, and therefore must be sought out. For this same reason, there are no known ways to domesticate a Dumbass Dragon.


Bone Dragon

Bone Dragons exist in THE BONE ZONE. They are resurrected Dumbass Dragons.