The Casino

The Dumbass Casino is the only casino within the Dumbass Realm. They accept Crawler Coins, and have various machines to test your luck at! Many have had formidable losses here, and some have even lost all of their savings at this casino. Some however, have been able to double their savings here! Although some speculate the gambling system is rigged towards some users more than others, the casino has said multiple times that the gambling is completely 50/50 for everyone.



Rules of The Dumbass Casino:

  • Must be 18 years or older to enter, although many younglings have been known to enter freely due to the lack of security.
  • If speculated that you have rigged gambling in the casino, you will be thrown out, and a heavy investigation will take place into the staff member which was bribed.
  • Only Crawler Coins are allowed.
  • If one attempting to gamble in quick succession, they will be temporarily kicked out and not allowed back into the casino.
  • No illegal drugs allowed into the casino.


Popularity of The Dumbass Casino is widespread. Almost everyone knows about this casino, and many celebrate their 18th birthday at the casino.


Creatures Allowed

Any creature is allowed into the Dumbass Casino.