Dumbass Bears are the main predators in Dumbass Forests. They feed on small creatures but also tend to feed on Dumbass Peaches, as they are one of the only creatures to be able to eat them raw.


Dumbass Bears usually live alone, unless they have cubs. They like to tear down small foliage and bushes and create a circle around their living area. This circle can be quite big. Dumbass Bears, despite the name, are some of the smartest animals in the realm, often storing resources and food in piles inside of their shelter.


Dumbass Bears are quite common, but keep themselves very well hidden in their habitats, so if you're banking on finding one, it's not likely.


Dumbass Bears are highly regarded for their intelligence. They have even developed a way to make their own Dumbass peach juice. They tear down the fruit from its bush, and place it in a water hole and wait for aqua-dissolving to commence. Once the peach has completely dissolved, they lap it up out of the water hole.

Behavior towards humans

Dumbass Bears are highly aggressive towards humans and are not easily out smarted. If you ever go camping in the Dumbass Realm, be sure to take Dumbass peach spray, as the scent of the magical fruit calms the bear down. This does not always work however, so be careful.


Dumbass Bears are very large creatures, and eat a lot of food to compensate for this. Some of the food they eat are: Dumbass Peaches, Glistening Salmon, and small creatures found in the forest. Some say they enjoy the taste of falloons, but they do not live in the same habitat, so no one really knows.