Background Edit

Cjbturtles98 is a Cjbturtle who is well-known for his art. Cjbturtles are all known to be good at art, but he is exceptionally good at art.

Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Cjbturtles98 grew up in a Falloon-Cjbturtle tribe. He learned to love Falloons, and was surrounded with loving family from a young age. He often left the tribe to find open mountain sides to carve artwork into.

Adult Life Edit

He is still alive in his adult life. He is the most well-known Cjbturtle. He is loved for his art, and is sometimes payed to create art for a village.

Living Quarters Edit

Cjbturtles98 lives in a dark lake around the center of the Dumbass Realm. This gives him easy access to the rest of the realm.