Summary Edit

Cjbturtles are a species of turtles native to the Dumbass Realm. They usually share the same environment as Falloons, and are quite friendly with them. Rarely, you can see a group of Falloons and Cjbturtles working together to survive. Of course, this is very rare now due to the heavy endangerment of Falloons.

Population Edit

There is an estimated 200,000 Cjbturtles around the Dumbass Realm. They are thriving in the current conditions of the Dumbass Realm.

Diet Edit

Cjbturtles are primarily known to feed on tall grasses around dark rivers, streams, and lakes. They don't need much food as they usually don't need to move much. In their spare time they have been known to carve pictures and art into the sides of mountains. Cjbturtles98 is the most well-known Cjbturtle to excel in this art.

Domestication Edit

Cjbturtles are one of the most popular pets in the Dumbass Realm. They take very little care, and can help with keeping grass from overgrowing around houses. Some buy lots of Cjbturtles to let them roam around the area and eat the grasses. They do this more effectively in areas which receive a lot of rain, as they love damp grasses.

Variants Edit

Bone Turtle Edit

BoneTurtles are a variant of Cjbturtle that exist in THE BONE ZONE.