Azazelbot is a commonly worshipped god in the Dumbass Realm. Many have shortened his name down to Joe. He is a god of life and blessing.


Azazelbot can grant life to those who he see fit.

Addition Information

Not much has been revealed about Joe. We do know, however, he is the number one most worshipped god in the dumbass realm, at 49% of the population worshipping him.

Powers in Effect

Many speculate the longest living Falloon lived to his age because of a blessing from azazelbot. Most people use this in proof that he does exist.

Problems Caused

Back to around 1450, there used to be a Viking tribe living in the Dumbass Realm. The main population, called the Marshmallow Trumpets, (who still rule the Dumbass Realm to this day) were a young population. Around this time, the belief in Joe was skyrocketing, the nearby Viking tribe did not like this. The Vikings invaded the Marshmallow Trumpets. They persisted, any invaded many times, but the Marshmallow Trumpets were too strong. The Vikings still exist today, but have virtually no power in the Dumbass Realm.