"Smoke reed everyday."

― Asdcrawl[source]

Summary of Life

Asdcrawl created his account on December 2nd 2013. He is the dark overlord of the mystical "Dumbass" realm. Long ago, before recorded history Alex was adventuring along the outskirts of the Dumbass realm. He was notified that the leader of the Dumbass realm at the time, Jimmy Falloon, had just died. He quickly scurried to the heart of the realm to be announced the new overlord of the Dumbass Realm. 25 years later, a mystical, floating falloon approached Alex. In exchange for his grammar and spelling, he was granted eternal youth and life. He lives on to this day. He now runs a Twitch channel here.

Early Life / Child Hood

From a young age, Alex was taught that he has to fend for himself. In the Dumbass realm, many parents did not aid their children with clothing, food, or education. Alex's parents, however, tried to prevent him from being successful. There have been hints and clues of him having Earth-Bound parents which love him, but he has never revealed the existence of these people. This is probably so that he looks more menacing as overlord without Earth parents. He managed to gather scraps for food, and create a shelter out of old branches and small twigs. This was figured out from his lost diary which was discovered in the early 1920's. He never had access to a good educational system. Due to this, he was hesitant to pursue his dreams. He never learned basic skills, such as reading. This caused many people to be frustrated when he misread their letters and commands. His early life was the most difficult part of his life by far. His most engaging hobby was Runescape.

Adult / Mid Life

Alex was able to start streaming videogames to random people on the internet for no apparent reason. On the side, he worked at a tanning salon. His boss jokingly called him Alice. His username on Runescape which was Asdcrawl (he chose this name due to its simplicity and easiness to type and remember) carried with him. He was commonly known as Asdcrawl across the internet. His Twitch career started picking up when he met Silverysoul_.


Many people have opposed Alex's rule of the Dumbass Realm. Many have challenged him to spars. In his early sparring career, he lost to many weak opponents like Tody. After some time, he gathered strength through training and research. He is now able to defeat lots of opponents through sparring. He still loses to some stronger individuals, though.


Asdcrawl has an immortal Falloon and an immortal Snow Fox. The Falloon is named Haru, the Snow Fox is named Carbuncle.

Professional Musical Career

Asdcrawl started a professional singing career in August, 2018. He was a mainly unrecognized vocalist for quite a while, until he released his first hit single "Dead Body Song" on August 19, 2018. This was meant to be a heavy metal song, but was spontaneously created, so the instrumental was not prepared. In his most recent interview with Dumbass Daily, he said this "..I might make a Dead Body Song heavy metal cover, just to pay homage to the creation of my career." Of course, the traction that his new hit single had gotten him was just temporary, and he had to keep creating good, original music to keep the fanbase engaged with his music. He successfully held on to his musical career on August 22, 2018 with the releases of "Fish Song" and "Herpes Song", both of which gained over 200M replays in the Dumbass Realm. In the late night of August 25, 2018 Asdcrawl proved that he was truly a talented musician. He released his cover of "7 Years" by Lukas Graham. Just after this, in the early morning of August 26, 2018, he released "Wii Sports Orchestral Cover ft. WEE WOOHH BWAH BWAH" which amassed over 6 billion views. All of his original songs (Dead Body Song, Fish Song, and Herpes Song) were all produced by littlehallion, who has now been revealed to be his official producer. There were rumors of her being his producer in circulation, but no one knew how such a new song write could have such a talented producer. Littlehallion is the #1 highest paid producer, earning over 1 billion dollars per year. She gains most of her revenue off of hit songs like: "Dead Body Song" by asdcrawl, "Quack" by The Flocking Falloons, and "Wii Sports Orchestral Cover ft. WEE WOOHH BWAH BWAH".