The Ancient Falloon Brawl was a public gathering of many residents in the Dumbass Realm, and many Falloons. Many people would gather in a large arena to see this game.


There were a maximum of 6 Falloons in the game at once. Weapons were scattered around the arena, and obstructions were placed to prevent easy access to these weapons. Once weapons were all used up, referees would throw in more, this was called "spawning".

Notable Games


In one game, there was a showdown between two Falloons. One Falloon sat at the edge of an obstruction waiting for another weapon to spawn. While waiting, he shot his weapon and crouched. The power of his weapon propelled him back. He fell off of the obstruction and the other Falloon was awarded victory. In another game, it was another showdown between two Falloons. One Falloon picked up a grenade, in hopes of being able to use it later to eliminate his opponent. He was not so fortunate, as he did not fully understand how to use the weapon he had picked up. The grenade fell loose out of the grasp of his feathers and hit the ground. He fumbled around frantically trying to escape the blast radius of the grenade, but he was unsuccessful. The grenade detonated and killed him. Prior to his death, he said these words:

"I have the most dangerous weapon. You know why? I don't know how to use it."

Cancelation of the Game

As the population of Falloons dipped down to 50,000 Falloons around 250 years ago, the game was stopped. Too many Falloons had died to other causes and this game was increasing the death toll. The game was very unorthodox to begin with, so it was cancelled. Rumor has it, that if the Falloon population reaches over 1,000,000 again, the game will resume.


The game inspired one online game that humans play. No one is completely sure how the humans were able to find out about this ancient, secret, game. The game is called Duck Game. The name is clearly ripped off of "Falloon Brawl".